Clinical Consumables

The Clinical portfolio offers a comprehensive range of products and solutions supported by clinicians with expertise in key clinical environments. Our flagship brand promed® continues to provide a “solutions-based” approach to customer needs specialising in clinical apparel and disinfection solutions and is readily used within hospitals, general practices, dentists, laboratories, optometrists, physiotherapists, veterinaries and general households. The promed® brand range has a strong reputation for reliable and competitively priced clinical consumables.

Our range is constantly expanding with new products that compliment the national health policy, professional needs and work practices in the dynamic healthcare community.


Patient Care

Designed for high and low risk clinical settings, our patient care range covers a broad spectrum of superior quality, easy to use and reliable products. These products include Sodium Chloride Irrigation Solution, Alcohol Wipes & Towelettes, Sterile Water Wipes, lube jelly and much more. Complimenting the promed range, we also offer Briemar and PDI branded products ...More

Clinical Apparel

Surgical face masks, headwear, cover gowns, shoecovers, undergarments and patient protection is the key to a safer and healthier working environment. The promed® range has you and your patient covered from head to toe with lightweight and comfortable fabrics, that meet national health policy ...More

Examination Gloves

Our promed® brand is a market leader in general consumables, especially the medical examination glove market. We have an impressive range of examination gloves in latex, nitrile and vinyl material for all types of medical and general-purpose applications ...More

Hard Surface Cleaning Solutions

Our impregnated wipe range is an efficient and cost effectve method for the cleaning of hard surfaces and patient purposes within the healthcare environment. Each wipe offers low lint, no messy mixing or rinsing and is extremely competitive pricing ...More

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