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Combustion & Emission Monitors

Measurement of flue gas and particles is becoming more and more important because of the rising pressure on the environment and stricter regulations. Testo measuring instruments help to reduce pollutant emission levels of combustion systems and exploit the energy as efficiently as possible.


testo 320 Highly Efficient Flue Gas Analyser

The new testo 320 is a multi-function instrument for efficient flue gas analysis on small combustion systems. It has intuitive measuring menus and is easy to operate. The testo 320's high-resolution colour display also enables the results of emission measurements on heating systems and other small combustion systems to be read, even under the worst conditions ...Download brochure

testo 340 Flue Gas Analyser

The testo 340 is a flue gas analyser for emission measurement in industry and power generation. Appropriate measuring tool for a wide range of emission measurements and gives you the flexibility you need to carry out emission measurements on combustion and power generation plants. Up to 4 gas sensors can be connected to the testo 340. This means an optimum adaptation of the instrument to the respective flue gas measurement ...Download brochure

testo 350 Flue Gas Analyser

The testo 350 is a flue gas analyser for emission measurement in industry, high humidity environmental monitoring and power generation. Separate control and analyser units. The control unit controls the analyser unit, guides the user safely through the measurement and displays the readings. The analyser unit can be equipped with up to 6 gas sensors, to carry out a professional measurement in all industrial combustion and power generation systems. The testo 350 allows measuring values to be compared, irrespective of date and ambient conditions ...Download brochure

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